We escort
the success of products from lab to market

We have
abundant resources of KOL and experts in executing clinical trials in China

We are
experts in digitized clinical trials management

We Offer Full-Process of Clinical Development Services

CTS aims to provide you the services and solutions along with the whole progress of new drug development, including scientific consultation, clinical study operation, medical affairs, regulatory affairs, quality management and the 3rd party Audit for Phase I to III studies.

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We Continue to Explore the Innovation of Technologies

CTS established a powerful digitized clinical trial platform for stakeholders to input, analyze and monitor data; We manage and communicate events, progress and risks in time through Cloud, AI and Big Data, that differentiate CTS from other CROs.

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We Accelerate the Transformation of Life Science

In addition to our profound know-how and experiences in various therapeutic areas, we position ourselves as an innovative transformer; We bring each data from lab to clinical practice carefully to ensure the continuity, integrity and efficiency.

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To accelerate the translation from life science and new technologies to clinical practice through innovative clinical trial solutions


We devoted ourselves in continuously changing the ways of thinking, doing and resolving problems, to fulfill our clients’ demand. In these ways, we are able to ensure the quality of study outcome, improve the efficiency of study progress and lower the cost of each clinical project.

Clinical Trial Total Solutions for new drug development from Phase I to III in various therapeutic areas

We provide services and solutions along with the whole progress of new drug development. Smart strategies, efficient solutions and reliable deliveries are our promises, to escort your products from lab to NDA!

Deeply rooted in clinical trial industry in China for decade with extensive experience and resources

We have been building up plentiful resources since 2010, continuously linking resources with KOLs, study sites, investigators, subjects and partners, that make clinical studies proceed efficiently and successfully in China!

WeTrial, the 1st digitized clinical trial platform links both sides of study sites and sponsors

We manage and communicate studies via WeTrial for better strategies and decision making. All the progress, detailed information and potential risks are shown and shared more transparently. Accurate actions can be taken timely; results of project can be more controllable!

50 +

Deployment of WeTrial-CTMS (Clinical Trial Management System) in enterprises

140 +

Deployment of WeTrial-SIS (Site Information System) in clinical sites

500 +

Hospitals for clinical study Cooperation

7600 +

Clinical studies operating on WeTrial Platform

Committed to the innovation and development of digitized clinical research in China.


CTS is focusing in the development of clinical in China, provides full services and total solutions to enable innovative bio-pharmaceutical companies worldwide to accelerate progress and improve the success rates. CTS - Clinical Trial Total Solution!

CTS Pharmaceutical Technology

Beijing CTS Co., Ltd. is a full-service CRO founded in 2010, assisting companies worldwide to conduct clinical trials in China, dedicated to operating international clinical standards and embrace new technologies to accelerate progress and improve the success rates of each clinical study. Together with clients, CTS hopes to bring health to people in an easier way.

CTS has over 280 employees located in 28 cities, with the headquarter in Beijing. CTS has built up significant resources with many active sites since 2010, cooperating with over 500 hospitals which covers more than 80% of clinical sites in China. Furthermore, CTS also has connection with many key opinion leaders, investigators and subjects in various therapeutic areas.

Our slogan is “Respect the Product, Respect the Client, Respect the Team”. CTS aims to provide professional clinical development services and digitized management platform to customers, helping them transforming scientific discoveries into new treatment, and conducting clinical trials successfully in China.

  • Intelligent analysis based on data
  • Lean management based on task breakdown
  • Insight and decisions making base on real-time evidence
  • Precise site screening and selection
  • Accelerate the progress of clinical development
  • Reduce the risk and cost of new drug development