CTS, the expert of digitized clinical trials management, your preferred CRO partner in China


A new working model, project as the core; the intelligent cloud platform provides a comprehensive information sharing environment, allows multiply parties collaborating together, monitoring progress on time, controlling risks, and making evidence-based strategies and decision. That accelerates the development of new drugs significantly.

“Internet + Mobile Internet” Intelligent Clinical Trial Cloud Platform

As a full-service CRO, we provide the whole process service of new drug development for biopharmaceutical companies, including scientific consultation, clinical study operation, medical affairs, regulatory affairs, quality management and the 3rd party Audit for Phase I to III studies. Since 2010, more than 200 projects had been operated or are currently on going in CTS. We have been refining in various therapeutic areas, especially in oncology, gastroenterology, CNS, immunology, and respiratory, that we have accumulated significant know-how, capabilities and experiences.

Apart from the regular CRO services, we designed and launched the 1st intelligent clinical trial cloud platform in China linking among all stakeholders to input, analysis, exchange data and information, as well as to manage and communicate progress and risks. That ensures the continuity, traceability and integrity of each data for each project which differentiate CTS from other CROs. From the advantages of having abundant resources with sites and big data generated on this platform, we are able to provide value added services, such as site database for quick SSU, e-patient recruitment for efficient subject enrollment. That speeds up the progress of studies significantly.

Recently, China government encourages more and more hospitals from 2nd/3rd/4th line of city to do clinical trials with required qualifications. We design and provide tailor-made services for these new sites, empower them with SOP establishment and GCP training so as to support them granting the certification of doing clinical trials.

At CTS, we operate and manage clinical study as one of our daily tasks, by simply taking the usage of embedded tools, following the push notifications and the guidance that noted by PM through WeTrial. Multi-dimensional reports for analysis and management make study progress visible in real time and communicate effectively among all stakeholders in the same project.

Efficiency improvement

Site Selection, Ethic Committee Submission and Review, Contract Negotiation and Execution, Subject Recruitment and Enrollment, Data Capture, Communication among Multi-Parties (stakeholders)

Quality assurance

Risk-Based Monitoring, Protocol Comprehension and Communication, Source Data Verification

Risk management intelligence

Protocol Comprehension and Communication, Protocol Violation, Protocol Deviation, AE/SAE Management and Report, Intelligent Early Alert

Cost Reduction

ontrollable Quality, Cost Reduction for Data Validation

Synergy of Data, Resource and Technology Strengthen CTS’ Advantages, Guarantees the Efficiency and Quality of New Drug Development