Founded in 2010
We Forge Ahead

      “Health” is the core that we care the most, we aim to bring health to people in an easier way. At CTS, we combine systems and the latest technologies to facilitate the strategies. Our unique WeTrial platform delivers values across the clinical sites to sponsors, that leads us to execute and manage clinical studies better, smarter and faster.

      The value and significance of our existence is to accompany our customers to pass through each journey of new drug development; to create customers success by offering our comprehensive and digitized clinical trial solutions. All we hope is to accelerate the delivery of biopharmaceutical products to patients worldwide quicker and safer.

The establishment and development of CTS

Brand establishment period

• Sales exceeded RMB 20M in 2011, 100M in 2014

• 360CQA Co., the 1st subsidiary company was est. in 2013
• Listed on China National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ) in 2014

Platform construction period

• WeTrial, the 1st digitized clinical trial platform was kicked-off in 2014
• Business developed and extended to the United States and Taiwan in 2015
• Completed three rounds of capital raising (A, B and B+ rounds)
• Acquired SMO (China) Inc. in 2018

Digitization development period

• Cooperated with 500+ hospitals via WeTrial-CTMS
• Cooperated with 140+ hospitals that WeTrial-SIS has been implemented
• Abundant resources (sites, investigators and subjects) have been accumulated through WeTrial

Vision: To bring health easier

"Health" is the core that we care the most. We share the same urgency that patients are waiting for therapies that could change their lives, we aim to bring health to people in an easier way through innovative solutions.

“Easier” is the spirit that drives us to explore effective ways of accelerating new drug development with high quality, to make people’s life continue, to uplift the quality of life faster, safer and easier.

Mission: To accelerate the transformation from life science and new technologies to clinical practice through innovative clinical trial solutions

"Innovation" is our belief that we committed ourselves to invent, explore and constantly improve solutions, service model and operating systems with low-risk, low-cost, and high-value for customers.

“Transformation” is our responsibility that we position ourselves as an innovative transformer, we transfer and manage each data well to ensure the continuity, traceability and integrity through our digitized clinical trial platform. We guarantee the process and result of each project are under good control so that we are confident to bring new therapies to market, from clinical to commercial, work together to create customer success!

Values: Integrity, Care, Efficiency, Excellence, Innovation

How We Engage: “Integrity” Each CTS member has a high degree of compliance awareness, not only we abide by protocols, procedures and ethical standards but also, we are honest with people and issues. Under the discipline of “integrity”, when it comes to issues, problems or potential risks, we response according to the facts immediately and seek for solutions actively.

How We Engage: “Caring” Every day in CTS, we share ideas, respect one another’s opinions and provide constructive feedback. Moreover, we empathize people’s needs, perceive the thoughts and stand in the perspective of others. At CTS, we work hand in hand with patients, investigators, customers, and partners to “bring health to people, to continue and improve the quality of life" as our unremitting effort.

How We Engage: “Efficient” In nowadays’ dynamic environment, we adopt the agile sprit that we execute and advance tasks efficiently with the minimized unit of dedicated teams, so that we can respond and take decisions quickly. We review, analysis and summarize experiences into organizational knowledge systematically, so that each project can be delivered faster with quality assurance, in the meanwhile, the timeline and cost are well controlled as well.

How We Engage: “Excellence” “According to the usual practice” does not apply in CTS. We perceive the importance of keeping the times that every day we dig in and think differently, to see what exists and ask how we can make it better. We find new solutions, ensuring they reflect the high-quality standards our customers expect. We continuously drive ourselves-learning, set high standards for tasks, and be able to use and apply the strengths or resources to the maximum, to achieve all the challenging goals.

How We Engage: “Innovation” Above and beyond excellence, we seek innovation! At CTS, we encourage each member to gain the ability to investigate, to think and to create new tools or methods which can change the status quo and can be fully applied in our actual works. In real actions, we improve the efficiency and quality of work as our top priority in the daily work; through our creativity, innovation and new solutions, we create new value for customers!